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Brand New LTE 4G DashCam called the OwlCam

Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:50 pm

Here’s a Cool new DashCam.

Just got it 2 days ago. All LEAF Owners should have this. It records 24/7 and uploads the video to a secure server via its own built in LTE connection. $350 includes one year of service. After that $10 a month. If somebody bumps your car it send the video to you and a SMS text message. If a thief breaks in and steals it the company will replace it. If you see something crazy, Say “OK, Presto” and it extracts a 20 second clip. If someone walks near your car it turns on two very bright LEDs that lights up the interior of your car. Check out videos from the manufacturer and other owners by searching for “CaughtOnOwl”

Here’s two Big Rig Trucks squeezing me in and me blowing MY truck Horns at them!

Here’s a video showing the install in my LEAF, (I recorded the video to show to some guy who was saying he doesn’t want another dashcam with wires all over.)
For a list of aftermarket Nissan LEAF battery installers click the URL below: (If you are or know another that is not on my list please let me know so I can add them. Thanks!)

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