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Re: How to Check Battery Capacity, Degradation and Range

Fri Nov 15, 2019 10:49 pm

Thanks Lothsahn.

Figure 5 results for a non updated firmware mirrors what I am seeing at 3.5 years/low 20K miles after 750 charge cycles so maybe the software update is the factor in my case or at least one of the factors in my reported low SOH.

I need to find the variables used to estimate SOH because from the last time I recharged before today SOH has moved from 64.85% to 65.47% not that is a meaningful value change. This spring I will have more time to get the car to a qualified Leaf service center.

Some reported a DC fast charge has given them back one SOH bar and I want to understand how that could possible happen before I do the firmware update. Almost daily the results of using Leaf Spy Pro is moving my understanding of the traction battery function forward.

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