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Re: Wanted: Extreme Cold Range Data (earn free t-shirt!)

GaslessInSeattle wrote:
TonyWilliams wrote:...

We absolutely need a way to measure the battery temperature, because there is far too much variation. Or some other factor is in play that isn't obvious.
the wackiest thing I'm seeing with this warm couple of days up north here is that it appears to be much easier to achieve a higher efficiency/MPkW at 50 degrees than say below 30-40 f. It also appears that acceleration is improved noticeably. has anyone come up with a possible explanation for this? I've been using Zero Climate control consistently.
i am seeing same thing and i think it has to do with solar radiation more than the actual OAT (outside air temperature) i will end today with 3rd straight 5+ miles per k day. something that has not happened since last Oct. today it was like 53º but full Sun so guessing that made as much difference as the warmer than normal weather
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Re: Wanted: Extreme Cold Range Data (earn free t-shirt!)

rborba wrote:
TonyWilliams wrote:Totally awesome collection and data display. You set the bar high!
PS: maybe you'd like to do it again at a different temp?
I can do it with a different temperature for sure. I should've chosen a faster circuit though. The average speed was too slow (about 40 Km/h) so the test took longer than expected.

This cold-weather experiment has apparently reached an unintentional level of notoriety:

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Re: Wanted: Extreme Cold Range Data (earn free t-shirt!)

Darn, I should have read Tony's first post before deciding to do this. Sorry, I didn't record bars, although I do remember losing the first two in about 8 miles. I will cross post in the Turtle-to-100% charge thread: [EDIT: I fixed link to view my post directly]
http://www.mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic.p ... 60#p243034

Well, here's the imperfect data:
Outside Temp 28-32 F, fog/freezing fog, no wind. Car charged to 100% overnight in uninsulated garage (battery might have been a bit warmer, maybe 35-40 F, showed 4 bars to start). Pre-warmed car (on L1 does consume some of the battery) but no climate control during driving.

60.7 mi to LBW, 71.0 mi to VLBW, 80.5 mi to Turtle, 80.7 mi total, about 2 hrs total drive time.
Edit: 4.3 mi/KWH, reset at beginning of trip.

Charging: Start 12:20pm, finish ~06:30 next morning, (~18 hrs L1), 25.37 KWH (Killa-Watts)

Driving Estimate: 3 mi for coffee, 1hr off, 3 mi back at 35 mph on city streets, 3mi@35city, 3@45HW, 3mi@30city, 5mi@50HW, 16 mi@55-65FW, 5mi@35city. Unfortunately, nothing was really flat. About 400ft net elevation rise outbound. LBW occurred on the freeway about 10 mi out of town. VLBW occurred as I was coming into town and the dreaded flashing "4" stayed that way for another 10 mi. Most of the VLBW was at 25-35 mph. I circled the block 2-3 times until Turtle. Looking back at this, I think under level conditions and charging/pre-heating on L2, I could have easily gotten 85 mi at similar driving speeds. I probably wasn't at a full 12 bars to start the drive.

Hope this helps the collective cause.

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