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Re: Lost Battery Capacity and Range / Autonomy, Page 2

Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:56 pm

elana wrote:I am very disappointed with the capacity of my Leafs battery. My capacity lines have dropped to 10. This level doesn’t get me a new battery even though my vehicle only goes 35-40 miles on a full charge.
Please answer the questions at ... 21#p275421" onclick=";return false; here.

I find it doubtful that your car "only goes 35-40 miles on a full charge" unless you're leaving a LOT of capacity on the table, driving WAY too fast, aren't charging to 100%, it's very cold (and you're using the heater), have way underinflated and/or out of alignment tires, etc.

Also, can you update your location info via User Control Panel (near top) > Profile (left side)? That way, we don't need to ask in future posts/threads or do sleuthing to deduce it.

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