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Whine when precooling plugged in today, not when unplugged

Sun May 02, 2021 1:45 pm

Normal heat pump/AC sound when in the unplugged car and ignition on (step on brake and press starter button).

This was new today, turned on the climate control from the app while trickle charging, it was up to 90% battery, and it made a horrible whirring, whining sound audible from outside the car (didn't sound as bad inside so maybe I never noticed it?)

But I've precooled before, and prewarmed and only heard a nice even humm of the heat pump system or AC before, so this on-off-on-off whirr was concerning.

Video link, hope it works and with sound. Yes I washed the pollen off right after this video, i was in a hurry to capture the noise :)

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