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Lack of telescoping steering wheel: any solution

Thu Apr 08, 2021 5:38 pm

I have just last month bought a pre-owned 2019 leaf. 40KW tenkan. Its a great car. But i can not get a comfortable, seated position. If the drivers seat is moved back, my arms are too far away, but legs are fine. If i am closer, then the wheel is so low down (even raised to the max) then the steering wheel is nearly touching my legs. I am 5, 10. I have spent one month, and several cushions, but then cannot get comfy. As a back suffer and undergone over 4 lumber surgery a decade ago, i am really starting to get my sciatica and lower back pain returning frequently. This is such a pity, as the automatic nature of AV and one peddle driving is a huge aid to those of use who have spine pain.

Its so bad, I may have to think about selling, which will be huge financial loss.

This car has the manual seat adjustment, and I wonder do the Electric seats offer more movements? All my EV testing was in the Zoe was great, but that had a telescoping steering wheel, as did my old ford Galaxy. Any tips anyone? Have anyone suffered the same problems, as there seems limited messages on this here, and I would love a soluation. I wonder if its related to me only, given I have undergone multiple L3/4 surgies, and would be keen to know if others suffers have solved this. Thanks

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Re: Lack of telescoping steering wheel: any solution

Sat Apr 10, 2021 6:46 am

I'm confused. Are you saying that your Leaf has a steering wheel that is adjustable for tilt but not telescope? That seems odd. I have the SL+ which is the up-level trim and the wheel does both.

And to answer your other question, The power seat is adjustable fore and aft, up and down, the bottom and the back can be tilted. Also has adjustable lumbar support.

Since you purchased the car used you will not take too big of a hit trading it in on a model that has those features.
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Re: Lack of telescoping steering wheel: any solution

Sat Apr 10, 2021 1:15 pm

Thank you for the helpful reply.

Yes, thats correct thats what i am saying, My steering wheel has no telescopic movement. Sorry if i was not very clear.

I got the impression it was not possible on the Leaf to have this telescopic movement, on any of the three leaf models pre 2020, it seems I was wrong on that count.

Also my seat does not have lumbar support, again, i did not know that was an option.

I was rold my model was the top trim. All leather, etc, etc.

I think the electric seats you note seem to offer more positions, than the manual ones i have.

My car is from Europe, perhaps the models here have less options, but i will think about asking the Dealer if they can help on this, as today, a one hour drive brings on the sciatica.

I think change the seats may also be an option to discuss...

Thanks again for letting me know...

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Re: Lack of telescoping steering wheel: any solution

Sat Apr 10, 2021 7:10 pm

Telescopic steering wheel was not on my 2019 SL+ but I it is a standard feature on my 2020 SL+. It was one of the very few changes in model year 2020
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Re: Lack of telescoping steering wheel: any solution

Sun Apr 18, 2021 9:08 am

Yes this was news to me too after researching Leafs for 3 years and knowing they NEVER offered a telescoping wheel. I sat in one with telescoping wheel (2020 sv with weather and tech packages) and thought wow this could work without compromise. Share cars with wife so tilt and telescope wheel is important.

Sorry if you bought a year too early.

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