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Re: Brake maintenance - How to avoid seized brakes

Sat Apr 10, 2021 8:00 pm

I normally service our family "fleet" brakes once a year in the spring when swapping over summer tires. Removing the caliper pins and lubing them only takes a few minutes, providing you do it regularly. It sounds excessive, but I've learned over 25 years of wrenching that it is a bit of maintenance that eliminates a lot of brake issues.


On my 2018 LEAF SL (new to me in the fall), currently on the hoist for corrosion control, brake servicing was on my list along with the final drive oil change. The rear passenger caliper had one very stiff pin (i had to rig a pin puller to remove it) and was for sure impacting brake performance, drag and likely some range loss. The other 3 corners took maybe 5 minutes each, but that sticking pin ate up 30 minutes to remove it.

I also do fluid flushes every 3-4 years using this Motive Bleeder. If you lube the pins and flush fluid (thereby removing water from the calipers), you will eliminate caliper seizing and major brake repairs to near zero.


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