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Re: Good hard-hitting test and commentary on a 2018 Nissan Leaf

Thu Apr 29, 2021 10:51 am

Thanks, I'll take any information I can get on this, and it is good to have this. I have informally partnered with a few other advocates in the Tucson/Ambos_Nogales/Hermosillo area and part of the point is to do what little we can to advocate for greening the cactus highways between, in and around those cities.

One tidbit is that the Nogales, SON, MX Leaf Dealership now shows up as having a station, on plugshare.com, but It is not clear to me if it really exists, and I also don't know still if they sell Leafs. I do think some Leafs are for sale in Hermosillo, in part due to the efforts, awhile back, of some in our informal working group.

It would be good if we could verify whether or not Nissan is presently selling the bigger battery Leafs in Mexico.
DougWantsALeaf wrote:
Wed Apr 28, 2021 9:13 am
There are a small, but growing number of gen 2 Leafs in Mexico. More youtube reviews have appeared in last year. I think they only sell the 40kWh in Mexico, and most of the sales are in Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Mexico city climate is much milder than other parts of Mexico. Once upon a time I traveled there often for work, and it's more like San Diego than Phoenix in terms of weather.

In 2013 when we took a family vacation to Mexico City, I was very excited to see a few Leafs in the Palanco area.
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