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Re: Thoughtful driving

Wed Apr 21, 2021 11:24 am

I think he's right too while the prius and LEAF taught me to hypermile I think most will want to enjoy that instant torque of modern EVs.

On DCFC assuming you have charging available whereever you go you may still save time driving efficiently vs charging, your Bolt for example only charges at 50kw. I am sure some day not too far off we'll have 500kw fast charging where even that time will no longer matter. Most people will not think of time charging vs speed, I agree with that. I also agree about intersections becoming more dangerous. When I think what I did with a Honda I can only imagine with youth will do with future EVs with that torque. Not sure how good I feel but someone remembers who I was and seems to think this grey guy with kids and a mortgage should get back into street racing, um no that was a long time ago.

Around town or even a few towns you can just charge at home so yea I get not bothering with efficient driving, I relaxed a fair bit myself especially since I have solar which even this last month supplied all power I used including car charging even with our snow.

I've been interacting with some EV groups and doing events, I have one this weekend actually. I find most of the EV drivers never even heard of hypermiling and know nothing about efficient driving. I think we are a minority.

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