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Charging with irregular usage

Just picked up my new 2021 Nissan Leaf with 62kWh battery and trying to get my head round the charging. We don't commute the same distance every day so our mileage is irregular. Best approach I've thought of so far to charge to 80% most of the time is to wait until the battery is down to around 40% and then charge it overnight using the charging timer. To avoid having to adjust the timer every day I was just going to leave it set to give about 40% charge every day, and then if I plug the car in overnight it gets a charge, and if I don't plug it in it doesn't.

It does feel a bit clunky - maybe I was being a bit naive in thinking you could just plug it in each night and the car would sort out the charging itself? Any better ways to do it out there?
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Re: Charging with irregular usage

We have the same Leaf battery, we are perfectly happy using the timer as you describe: some nights it gets plugged in, others not depending on need and percent of charge. You can always override the timer if you know you will need lots of charge the next day, in general we plug in under about 45 and not if above and charge about 35% in a timed charge. Sounds like you have it figured- good luck!
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Re: Charging with irregular usage

I do something similar. Some days of the week I have a 100 to 110 mile round trip outing which consumes about 50% charge. I charge up 5 hours (midnight to 5am at lowest utility rate) and try to hit about 80%. When I come back with about 30% I charge again that night and rest of the days slowly consume as we do errand driving in and about town. Next time I will do the 100 mile drive I adjust the timer to still give me a max of 80% ish.

My only wish is that the Nissan Connect app is able to modify the charge timers. Hope that can be introduced in future as a feature.

PS. Welcome to the tree ... LEAF, many of them together = tree... see what I did there? :)
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Re: Charging with irregular usage

I do something similar with my (transplanted) 40 kWh battery pack: before it hits "low battery" (however many days that takes), I charge it up to 80%. Another benefit of Dala's CAN-bridge is I can adjust for 80/90/100% (unlike the default Leaf settings).
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Re: Charging with irregular usage

Thanks, sounds like I'm on the right track. With all the technology you'd think it would be possible to do more in the Nissan Connect app. Would be nice to set a limit and have a little notification pop up to say "battery level x%". I might notice it if driving but my wife probably won't. Whereas a phone notification is easy to see, more persistent and likely to make me remember to plug it in

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