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Re: ABG: ChargePoint teams with U.S. truck stops to expand electric vehicle adoption

Sun Feb 09, 2020 12:21 pm

GRA wrote:
Fri Feb 07, 2020 5:02 pm

IIUY correctly, you're saying that BEVs are currently a poor fit for long-haul trucking, given not just the infrastructure requirements but also battery tech. I agree, barring a major tech improvement to batteries. To me, at the moment BEV trucks make the most sense for P&D and some regional distribution, with FCEVs/PHFCEVs taking over the long-haul routes.
To clarify, if truck stops are to service delivery vehicles, the current paradigms of charging will need to change based on the limited grid infrastructure that "currently" exists. An interesting concept is "slow charge" intermediate storage devices based on infrastructure limitations, then fast charge the BEV - equipment such as:
For truck stops, the commercial BESSs would likely be required.
Super fast charging at higher DC voltages will also likely be needed with a new grade of commercial connectors - don't believe CHAdeMO nor CCS will be adequate. Again lots of development - maybe TESLA has taken a lead for their tractor/trailer offering?

I do agree - it will take extraordinary improvements in battery energy storage to meet the long hauls requirements, but we can already see that Amazon and UPS are buying into the local delivery BEVs: ... oser-look/ ... -vehicles/

Very interesting times!
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