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Re: Official California PG&E Thread

Wed May 23, 2012 6:26 pm

greenleaf wrote: Whether E9x is preferable to E6 depends on the individual's usage. The plus on E9x is the very low off-peak rates compared to E6.

But E9x is about to undergo some drastic changes. Read the following: ... 84#p199884" onclick=";return false;
Thanks for the information. Since E9x appears to be in flux, I'll just hunker down and stay with E6 for now and see where all this is heading.

Since PG&E has the relevant data, and since it it is a regulated monopoly, I wish there was an option for consumers to play "what-if" with the prior year's data. Even better have PG&E apply all applicable rates and present the cheapest net-metering bill. When pigs fly, huh?

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Re: Official California PG&E Thread

Thu May 24, 2012 1:47 am

sakumar wrote:Since PG&E has the relevant data, and since it it is a regulated monopoly, I wish there was an option for consumers to play "what-if" with the prior year's data.
Unless you have a setup I don't know about, PG&E doesn't really have the relevant data. I'm assuming that you don't have a smart meter, but rather an older digital one that can go backwards, probably a GE kV2C without the optional communications feature. If so, all PG&E knows is the values of three counters (peak, partial peak, and off-peak) collected each month by a meter reader physically visiting your home. Those three counters are set up for the time periods in the E6 service plan. Since the periods are different for E9, they don't know how much electricity you are using during the times that would fall in a different category.

E6 Summer peak: 1PM to 7PM, Monday-Friday
E9 Summer peak: 2PM to 9PM, Monday-Friday

How much of your current peak usage is between 1PM and 2PM, so would drop to partial peak? They don't know.
How much of your current partial peak usage is between 7PM and 9PM, so would jump to peak? They don't know.

In fact the first number may well be negative, while the second is almost certainly positive, so those changes would cut against you both ways.

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Re: Official California PG&E Thread

Sun May 27, 2012 2:52 pm

Here's a tip. Since I drive low mileage (usually < 15 mi./day) my Leaf charges up almost entirely in the first hour. To avoid getting caught during the switchover from PDT to PST or vice versa I switched from starting at midnight to starting at 1AM. That way I am always charging off peak and don't have to worry about remembering to update timers or clocks. Of course I do change the time on the clocks in the car to match the correct time, but maybe not the first day I should.
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Re: Official California PG&E Thread

Wed May 13, 2020 11:50 am

(thread resurrectoin)
Weird that this thread has been dead since 2012.

Because of the CA and my county's lockdown, I've been forced to WFH. I was on E-6 for years but due to WFH and peak rates being real high (see page 2 of ... DS_E-6.pdf) at 40 to 49 cents/kWh between 1 pm and 7 pm every weekday & "partial peak" of 28.6 to ~37 cents/kWh every weekday from 10 am to 1 pm and 7 pm to 9 pm, I had to switch myself to E-1 which is non-TOU (page 1 of ... DS_E-1.pdf).

E-6 made sense when I was at normally at my work/away from home during peak and partial peak hours and nobody else was around. I won't be be able to go back to E-6 afterward. It was closed to new customers awhile ago and people on it could stay on it for a few years.

On E-1, I probably can still stay within tier 1 most months and there's no way I'd pass tier 2.

Unfortunately, they couldn't have it go into effect immediately and they "had" to wait until the next billing cycle (I asked), which began for me today (5/13). "Summer" rates w/the crazy high peak prices began on 5/1. Prior to 5/1, when I was WFH, "winter" partial peak rates weren't so bad.

Fortunately, I've not really had to charge my EVs much at home due to WFH. Prior to lockdown, almost all my EV juice came from free L2 charging at work.

I'm glad that with E-1 I won't need to worry about time shifting my electricity usage any longer. Good riddance.

When this whole COVID-19 ends (12 to 18 months from now?), I'll be shifting back to some TOU plan that makes sense. It's too bad the ones that exist have pretty lousy time bands vs. E-6. :(

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