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Re: Tucson LEAF Owners - 1st Breakfast Gathering

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 9:29 pm
by Azrich
The Tucson LEAF Owners had their first breakfast gathering today on June 18. Eighteen people attended the breakfast on the patio of the Good Egg Restaurant. There have been 34 LEAFs delivered in Tucson so far, and 10 of them brought their owners and family members to this meeting.

Out of the ten LEAFs represented, 5 of them are being charged with solar power. Three people who have recently ordered their LEAFs were also there to ask questions and learn. One member's son was here visiting from San Francisco where he is working for a Chinese auto maker helping to design a battery pack for a Chinese built electric vehicle. Four years ago he worked for Tesla Motors.

(Click on thumbnail photo to enlarge it.)

There was lots of discussions about our LEAFs, features we like and don't like, chargers, the long ordering process, and the much awaited public chargers. This was the first time that some people had the chance to talk to another LEAF owner. The attendees also filled out surveys to help in planning future meetings.

It was amazing to see ten LEAFs lined up in the Lowe's parking lot. In the photo below there are 9 of the LEAfs as one member had to leave early. The ninth silver LEAF is hiding at the far end of the line up. Blue and red seem to be the most common colors in Tucson.


Below is member, Alex, with his 3-day old LEAF, Baby LEAF. Alex has had a long history of driving electric vehicles. He leased an EV1 in the mid 90's.


The LEAF owners and spouses attending voiced a large commitment to bettering the world through solar energy and electric vehicles. All were comfortable about being early adopters of this technology. We all wanted to make sure that our children, grandchildren and others would inherit a world that would be as good or better than we had received.

Information about our next meeting will be announced on this forum in a couple weeks.

Re: Tucson LEAF Owners - 1st Breakfast Gathering

Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:26 pm
by evnow
"Electric cars not selling" screams Tucson Citizen. I'm hoping some of you can set the record straight and suitably admonish the lazy author Jonathan DuHamel. ... t-selling/
Meanwhile, Nissan Motors has sold only 8,000 of its all electric Nissan Leafs worldwide since last December. Maybe that’s because all-electric vehicles are not practical outside an urban environment. Recall a recent story about driving a Leaf from San Diego, California, to Tucson, Arizona. The normally 8-hour drive took a week in a Leaf.

Re: Tucson LEAF Owners - 1st Breakfast Gathering

Posted: Sat Jul 23, 2011 12:17 pm
by lanceaz
I am remiss in posting so late and I wanted to thank Richard for setting up this gathering. Billie and I really enjoyed meeting everyone and would like to get together again. :D I hope we can set up another gathering soon, perhaps at Macayos on Grant. They have a large meeting room that I have used in the past for Sonoran Board Sailors meetings.

Also, Thanks for posting the pictures!

Re: Tucson LEAF Owners - August 18 gathering

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:29 pm
by Azrich
Hello, Tucson LEAF Owners!!

The next gathering of the Tucson LEAF Owners will be on Thursday, August 18, at 5:30 pm. This meeting will be held at Thoroughbred Nissan at 5163 E. 22nd Street. Thoroughbred will provide us a room in which to meet and pizzas. Salad, sodas, and bottled water will also be provided. There will also be 2 chargers available for those traveling a long distance.

I don’t know about you, but I keep seeing other LEAFs throughout Tucson as I am driving around and even in parking lots. I’ve met several new LEAF owners this way and told them about this group. Please let anyone else you know that might be interested about this gathering. All are welcome.

Public Charging Stations: The Arizona regional manager of the EV Project notified me that he would contact me when they have a Blink charger dedication. It was suppose to take place in mid-July. I know that Oro Valley has several chargers and there are some in U of A parking structures. I’ll let you know if there is going to be any type of dedication for the EV Project chargers.

I am part of the EV Project and have a Blink charger. The Blink Network recently sent out their first “Currents” newsletter. They featured an article about my LEAF and Blink charger. I guess I was probably the only one who filled out the survey they sent. Click on the blue “Meet Richard” to see the whole article. There is also a photo of our solar panel system by going to the link: “See Blink in Action: Summer Photos”. Here is the link to the newsletter: ... a20ebde1b4

Hope to see you there on August 18. Sorry about the short notice – a bathroom remodel has been consuming my time.

Richard (Azrich)