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Re: Phoenix Drivers

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 11:13 am
by GerryAZ
TimLee wrote:
BooKittyLeaf wrote:Curious about the statements regarding 2013 Leafs using more power with the AC than earlier models. From what I understand, 2013 moved to a more efficient heat pump technology which is supposed to be more economical with the AC and the heat?
The heat portion is markedly more efficient than the 2011 / 2012 /2013 S forward heater.
A lot better down to 15 F. Some better down to 4 F.
No better below 4 F.

But the design is a compromise and the AC is less efficient.
Could have been as efficient but would have required a high precision refrigerant control valve like the home mini-split units use.
But the valve is extremely expensive so Nissan hybrid HVAC has less efficient AC.

The power for AC is very low.
You hardly notice any range impact on non-hybrid.
Might notice some with hybrid.
But still pretty small.
Someone needs to quantify the kW difference but I have not seen that.
I took a test drive in a 2015 and did not notice any difference in the energy use display on the navigation screen, but it does not have really good resolution. In a few months, I will know because my 2011 was just totaled and I have a 2015 SL on order.