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Mossy Nissan Oceanside - a good experience!

Thu Aug 25, 2011 4:05 pm

My story says that not all Mossy Nissans are created equal and Mossy Oceanside has my business for being open and above board. I ordered my LEAF (SL-e with the EV Project's included QC port) from Mossy Kearny Mesa (KM) on Clairemont Mesa BLVD and a while later KM had several orphan cars that were exactly like the one I ordered with them. However, they would not let me have one for the same price that we agreed to even though other dealers have done this for customers who order with them - see here ... 24#p109124" onclick=";return false;. Anyway, they kept getting exact same LEAFs orphaned but would not let me have one so I spoke to Justin at Mossy Oceanside who managed to get me a LEAF just like mine for the price that KM and I agreed on in my original order (which is below MSRP) and I did not have to worry about a $700 refund for the QC port; it was just included. The purchase experience was great! Justin was professional and knowlegeable. Mossy Oceanside's Finance Manager Julie Anderson not only did not try to oversell me warranties or do funny financing (Like someone at Mossy KM did - see here ... 798#p95786" onclick=";return false;) but also remembered to check and remove the 5th wheel charge that some dealers include (I forgot about this). In short, it was a very pleasant experience.

SO, don't confuse Mossy Nissan Oceanside with all the rest -they made car buying fun for me; I would say if you want a great buying experience call Justin at Mossy Oceanside at 760-720-9797 ext 211.

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