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Buying a used leaf in cool climate & Leafspy data

Fri Oct 09, 2020 1:49 pm

I'm actively looking for a used 2014/2015 leaf in UK as that's what my budget will stretch to.

I've discovered all these useful resources on the 'net and found out about Leafspy and GIDs and SOH etc etc.

I'm fairly technical so I have no problem sourcing and using the hardware and and software and getting the data on my phone.

As the year of manufacture will mean my battery will be OOW I'm keen to find a healthy one.

I've searched the forums and not found a guide to interpreting leafspy data as an indicator of health in a cool climate.

Broadly what readings should I expect to see in a good used battery in a 5-6 year old car that's done about 60k miles for example?

Is there an ideal % of battery charge to have when taking the reading? Should I be asking sellers to filly charge the car before I come to see it maybe?

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Re: Buying a used leaf in cool climate & Leafspy data

Fri Oct 09, 2020 4:15 pm

As long as the SOC isn't extremely low you can use any % for a good reading. What you want to see is a SOH reading in the 90%, +/- about 4%, range. Really high and a BMS reset for a false capacity reading should be suspected. Really low and the battery isn't so good. You can also look at the cell voltage differences, both in the histogram that LeafSpy Pro provides and in the figure it gives for biggest difference. Someone else can give you a good ceiling number for that, but on the histogram look for cells that have graph lines much, much lower than the rest. Those are, if present, weak or bad cells. A 2015 Leaf in a cool climate might give you a SOH reading in the high 90s; in that case you should do a range test to confirm it. Heck, do a range test anyway!
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