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Re: Good deal, thoughts and hello again

Mon Aug 03, 2020 4:44 am

tansleypete wrote:
Wed Jul 29, 2020 11:32 am
I joined this forum 3 years ago when we got our first Nissan Leaf - a 24kW 2014.

We are now looking to upgrade and have got a price on a September 2019 Tekna
Will the Tekna hold its value more?
We have a PodPoint home charger - will it charge at 7kW - does anyone know?
Also what questions should I ask about the 40kW?
Battery capacity is measured in kWh, not 'kW". Charging rate is measured in kW. See ... 69#p520169 for more. There are no "24 kW", "40 kW" nor "62 kW" Leafs.

Unfortunately, this is a US-centric forum. Our trim levels are S, SV and SL. There can be similarity betwen your trim levels and ours in terms of equipment but there are no guarantees. We'd need to look at specs and/or table of the trim levels and what equipment is standard, optional or n/a on each. Example under Specs tab at ... -press-kit. Stupidly, whoever put together the table also made some unit errors (e.g. 40kW Leaf... argh). 40 kWh Leaf has a motor rated at 110 kW, which is correct vs. the 62 kWh Leaf Plus having a 160 kW motor (the table got it wrong but the verbiage of the press release is right).

Heck, we've had some differences between US and Canadian trims w/the same marketing letter.

Since so few of us here are in the UK or anywhere in Europe, it's hard for us to answer outside US trim level questions. Pro-pilot parking is not even available in the US. Also, AFAIK, DAB radio doesn't exist in the US.

I've never heard of PodPoint before. I doubt they exist in the US.

As others have pointed out, it's rather impossible for us Americans to comment on UK resale values. Leafs still are eligible for $7500 Federal tax credit ( and there can be other incentives in some states (e.g. $2K CA CVRP or more for whatever they have in Colorado). Leaf resale value generally looks poor/low because of this and due to incentives provided by the automaker since nobody in the right mind would pay MSRP on a Leaf + other factors. And, generally, the industry looks at resale value by comparing to original MSRP.

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Please don't PM me with Leaf questions. Just post in the topic that seems most appropriate.

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