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Re: Dala's EVNX - LEAF powered!

Sat Apr 10, 2021 12:20 am

denwood wrote:
Fri Apr 09, 2021 11:57 am
I suspect you'd get your money's worth from a hoist Dala :-) Again, nice work. I might have left the tank, but welded it in and cut the floor/top of tank off to give you even more space for the batteries. Just an idea.

So dumb question, but what is your motivation for doing this project? Are you planning on doing kits? For sure the project will need your CAN bus magic touch to power it up minus all the extra LEAF electronics.
Yeah the center of gravity will be high on this first iteration, but we can always go back and make it better once we know it works. I'm aiming for a quick start->drive schedule, so it won't be perfect.

You're the first to ask the why question! So I really need a backup car, but can't justify buying another expensive EV. But I can fabricate one for 1/3 of the cost of a LEAF (LEAFs are still crazy expensive here). I also love fast project cars, so feels really good to have a custom build ongoing that isn't catastrophic for the environment! :)

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Re: Dala's EVNX - LEAF powered!

Mon Apr 12, 2021 6:26 pm

I’m quite interested in the why, particularly as you have the smarts to get things running with a “bare” system. I’d love to do a limited range (meaning light) build doing an EV swap into an autocross car.

Either way, I appreciate your “jump right in” approach to the project :-)

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