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housing market: good, bad, craziness, etc.

Thu Mar 04, 2021 1:48 am

Over at TiVoCommunity, there's a long running thread "Wow...I didn't realize housing market was this bad...Everyone okay out there?"

Here's a recent post by someone over there:
"This house in Sunnyvale was listed for $1,888,000.00 and sold in less than a week for $2,210,000.00 (over $320K over asking)... (at 1632 Swallow Drive)

This is nuts!"

My response was:
That's crazy! I have a friend who lives near there (or did). He bought a long time ago and even then, it was expensive.

I'd posted about the catalytic converter stolen off my former 06 Prius (sold to my dad 2 years ago) on social media. That friend pinged me today about my post saying his neighbor's catalytic converter also got stolen off their Prius, he believes also gen 2, like mine. Friend has a gen 3 Prius + 2 other cars so he wanted opinions about which to park in the garage.

We all live in the southern part of the SF Bay Area.

Someone else posted this house:
Nelly’s Crumbling Mansion Hits the St. Louis Real Estate Market [PHOTOS] ... llyville25

Listing is at ... 7953941672 for $599K and it's pending. From the listing:
6 bed 6.5 bath 10,799 sqft 12 acre lot
17329 Hidden Valley Dr, Wildwood, MO, 63025

My response was:
For the size of house and lot, it would be a BARGAIN in the Bay Area. Heck, even if it needed $600K of work to fix it, it'd still be a bargain.

However, I have no idea about that area or the value of other houses in that area.

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Re: housing market: good, bad, craziness, etc.

Thu Mar 04, 2021 1:13 pm

The housing market is certainly not about people having a place to live anymore. There is an article in this week's NewYorker about someone from Hungary who made a sort of performance art piece about posing as a prospective buyer of high-zoot NYC apartments. One of the main points she made was 'the agents considered it a selling point that most of the apartments that had been sold remained empty, because they were investments—“a new global currency,” as Schmied said.'

Not sure if this link will work... ... rt-project

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