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wireless parking sensor vs rear camera

Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:14 am

Soon I'll be driving my own car. It will be an old model, as I'm i'm in tight budget.

I'd like it to have a rear camera or parking sensor. Do you have any recommendations? I saw a lot of options when it come to rear cameras and dash cams, but not a lot of radar parking sensors. Maybe something like this, ... ing-sensor but it's a bit pricey for me.

Maybe I can buy a second hand from ebay or craigslist.

Any thoughts?

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Re: wireless parking sensor vs rear camera

Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:16 pm

I saw a well-reviewed system on amazon for $30. It uses ultrasound I think, rather than radar, but works and has a simple graphic-like display that shows distance in bars. This one has four sensors, I think, or at least two, so you can get help with objects in front of the car as well.
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Re: wireless parking sensor vs rear camera

Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:08 pm

I have been using a system that I purchased from Home Depot. It has two parts connected by a coil cord. You mount the display up where you can see it and the ultrasonic unit lower so it can hit the license plate.

It works well and the 4 AA batteries seem to last about a year. I do not remember the cost but I think it was around $30. I convinced a friend to purchase one also. We are both please with the performance.
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