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The Phone Menu...(Ahem!)

Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:23 pm

Nissan gives us everything we need to know when pressing the steering wheel button that indicates we wish to initiate a call. In fact, after the 100th time I hear it, I wish it would just say "Would you like to make a call or say 'Full Menu!" That way I could just say "Call + Name"

It's a bit irritating to keep getting the full menu over and over again because the wrong name has been selected.

Also, perhaps a software update could include "Call + Name + MOBILE or HOME or WORK" instead of making me jump through hoops with "Next or Previous" entry.

There are times when I simply terminate the call and use the handset because the LEAF is churning through Menu options over and over again.
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Re: The Phone Menu...(Ahem!)

Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:20 am

Ditto for me. It is a real pain. Even worse when you have two phones registered.
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Re: The Phone Menu...(Ahem!)

Wed Jun 28, 2017 6:13 am

Gearscout wrote:perhaps a software update
Does Nissan even do software updates? Certainly not in the 3+ years I've had the LEAF.
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Re: The Phone Menu...(Ahem!)

Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:48 am

jlv wrote: Does Nissan even do software updates? Certainly not in the 3+ years I've had the LEAF.
i think they do, one just has to go to the dealer to get them.

this is no tesla.
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