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Bad EVSE Locations on CarWings data

Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:49 pm

I've more than once experienced trying to locate an EVSE station by driving to the symbol on the on board navigatin system map, which was NOT at the location on the map.
NISSAN needs to have a mechanism in place to update these locations from on-board GPS positions from cars that have actually charged at the station, rather than just relying on the street address of the host entity. They also need a way for us to inform them that the station is not where it was indicated on the map.

Case in point, my University installed 4 units, that appear in CarWings data at the main address of the University (which isn't even a building location, just the entrance gate) The actual chargers are located over a half mile away! It is completely ridiculous to have a "plug" on the map that is nowhere near an actual station. Most of the EVSEs that I have used aren't on a street, and so a street address is not a useful way to locate them, but GPS co-ordinates would be. (sometimes in conjunction with a floor number in a parking structure.)

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Re: Bad EVSE Locations on CarWings data

Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:01 pm

I suspect that none of the Nav system locations are Low, Let,
but I think they are all only street addresses.

So, a fix might be difficult.

However, if Nissan does not show accurate charging station
locations, that will be one less reason to subscribe to
Carwings after the free 3 year initial period is over.
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