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YouTube channels of EV enthusiasts outside the US

Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:43 am

Post them here.

Last night, I came across a post from a Russian guy on a Leaf FB group that pointed to Unfortunately, I can't understand Russian but from watching bits of it, he's imported a JDM Leaf but drives it on the right side of the road in Russia (that must be interesting). He also runs Leaf Spy and it's quite cold in that video (-25 C which would be -13 F). It is interesting to see the power limit bubbles on the right at 7:38.

His channel at ... eVw/videos has more interesting stuff like some other EVs including i-Mievs, a MiEV "minicab" small van (micro van? kei van? I'd seen one of these before in Japan), a Nissan Serena Hybrid minivan, and a really bare bones bones Leaf, sorta like our S trim: At 2:09 of that video, you can see there are no buttons nor controls on the steering wheel. I'm not clear if the nav system (at 2:29) came was a factory nav or aftermarket.

He has another video at where it looks like he's shopping for JDM Leafs. At 1:23, you can see what looks like an inspection report (?), in Japanese.

At, he's driving a JDM e-NV200 EV minivan. At 10:00 into, he's got some app for the i-MiEV that's sort of like Leaf Spy for but i-MiEV.

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