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Tesla Supercharging promised but not delivered

Thu Jun 07, 2018 3:36 am

Just over a year ago I bought a salvage Model S in Australia. Just over 3,300km (2000miles), 6 months old, right rear damage. It really didn't look much to fix so I decided to repair it and run it here in New Zealand rather than part it out. I then entered a World of Pain. I wish I'd watched Rich Rebuilds / Car Guru's videos and stuck with my trusty G1 Leaf before getting involved. But 20-20 is hindsight.

Before spending money on the rebuild I confirmed with Tesla (AU) that the car had Supercharging. After spending a heap of $$ and getting the car *perfect* again I was feeling very pleased with myself. I was then down in the dumps when it wouldn't supercharge. I was told the car had to have an inspection to become 'supported' again. Despite not having been warned of this requirement earlier I went ahead with it and the car passed. I got a "Notice of Results of Inspection of Unsupported Vehicle" (Tesla form SC-15-00-005 ) stating that the vehicle had:

Passed Tesla Approved Body Shop Inspection
The Unsupported Vehicle has passed the Tesla Approved Body Shop inspection. The Unsupported
Vehicle must pass inspection by a Tesla Service Center at your expense before Tesla will redeem
Unsupported Vehicle and re-enable support.
Passed Tesla Service Center Inspection
The Unsupported Vehicle has passed the Tesla Service Center inspection. Tesla will redeem the
Unsupported Vehicle and re-enable support. Any Tesla limited warranties and extended service
agreements for the vehicle remain void, and all future service and repairs will be at your expense .

However a month passed and my frustration grew and still I had no Supercharging. Phonecalls and emails didn't get me an answer, a date that I could expect an answer, an accountable person, nothing. Eventually I got told over the phone that the car would not be supported (but that I'm welcome to buy parts from Tesla?!).

I'm angry but I'm trying to stay positive. This forum has been very helpful in my Leaf tinkering, thank you. If any of you good folk have the ability to raise this issue with someone senior at Tesla, please do. If not, share this video around or give me feedback here.

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Re: Tesla Supercharging promised but not delivered

Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:28 am

Contact Ingineer at the Teslamotorclub forum. He's helped salvage cars enable super charging. I think he was also very active in Leaf community also.
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