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Toyota Motor Europe hybrid sales up 45% year-to-date; targeting 50% hybrid take-rate by 2020

Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:30 pm

Via GCC: ... 7-tme.html
. . . 31% of Toyota Motor Europe’s customers have opted for a hybrid powertrain in 2016; 41% in Western Europe alone. Toyota’s target is to reach 50% of its European sales with hybrid vehicles by 2020, with a hybrid version in every major market segment. . . .

Among the most popular Toyota hybrid models are the C-segment Auris Hybrid (57,884 sales from January to August); the B-segment Yaris Hybrid (55,611); and the recently launched RAV4 hybrid (25,909), a sport-utility vehicle.

Toyota sells 7 hybrid models in Europe: the Yaris, Auris/Auris Touring Sports, RAV4, Camry, Prius, Prius Plug-In, Prius Plus (MPV), and is introducing an 8th hybrid at the end of this year: the all-new Toyota C-HR C-segment crossover. . . .

Total Lexus hybrid sales were 28,782 over the January-August 2016 period.

Lexus sells 7 hybrids in Europe: the CT 200h; IS 300h; RC 300h; GS300h/450h; NX 300h; RX 450h; and LS 600h. An 8th model has been announced and will start sales in mid-2017: the new LC 500h coupe with the brand-new Multi-Stage Hybrid System. (Earlier post.)

Lexus’ best sellers in Europe are the NX 300h (10,936 sales from January to August 2016); the new RX 450h (6,052); and the CT200h (5,519).
I'm guessing the upsurge is fallout from Dieselgate.
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Re: Toyota Motor Europe hybrid sales up 45% year-to-date; targeting 50% hybrid take-rate by 2020

Fri Oct 16, 2020 2:48 am

Europe: Hybrids Accounted For 52% Of Toyota Sales In Q1-Q3 2020 ... 1-q3-2020/

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