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Re: Dryer outlet and 240 charger

Wed May 16, 2018 7:56 pm

jjeff wrote:
smkettner wrote:
jjeff wrote:Note because mine came with a L6-30 plug they restricted my top charging current to 30a
With a 30 amp circuit the EVSE should be limited to 80% or 24 amps.

True but with an outlet adapter to say a 14-50 outlet I'm just fine up to 30a or the rated capacity for the plug and wiring :)
It's the breaker itself that needs to be derated to 80% for continuous use, wiring and plug are fine at 100% capacity continuous. Note in Europe apparently they don't monkey around with the 80% thing, if their breaker is 16a it's 16a continuous but note they do have odd values, where we generally go in increments of 5 or 10a.

As long as you have short sessions that is fine. The NEC defines continuous use as exceeding 3 hours. That said, they define EVSE'S as continues devices . Only you know how you use your EVSE but the NEC assumes worst case.
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