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Re: Rapidgate on the 62 kWh Leaf Plus?

Wed May 08, 2019 7:59 am

I'm getting a 2019 40kWh LEAF on the 20th to see how it compares to an early 2018 version. There is a 50kW charger a block from my house, and another one about 30 miles away, so the plan is to drive the 2019 at freeway speeds between the two chargers a few times with charging sessions in-between to see if the battery temperature profile is any different from the early version. My hope is that the '19 40kWh version mimics the 62kWh's performance.
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Re: Rapidgate on the 62 kWh Leaf Plus?

Wed May 08, 2019 10:46 am

HerdingElectrons wrote:The 62kwh has 57% more usable capacity so it handles high speed loads much better due to the lower per cell C rate due to the extra number of cells even when the heavier pack is factored in because maintaining highway speed makes that extra weight less of a factor.

Agreed, but that assumes that the Plus internal resistance has decreased over the 40 kWh, which is unknown. That resistance value
can be determined using LeafSpy. Last year a test was done that indicated that the 40 kWh Leaf had similar battery resistance to
to the 24 kWh Leaf.
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