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Smelling roses to keep your battery cool

Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:53 am

We all know that a hot 2018 Leaf battery, caused by multiple CHAdeMO on a long trips, charges slowly. Well, instead of just jumping off the highway and hooking up to the nearest fast charger, find some place to spend some time while the battery cools down. By the time the battery gets hot enough to need some cooling you would have already spent 4 to 6 hours on the road and could probably use a break.

Scope out the area before your next charging stop. Go visit a museum, do some shopping, go see a movie or go get a good meal before you start charging. Making a side trip may mean you spend much less time sitting in front of the charger and much more time having fun.

It takes about two and a half for the Leaf battery temperature gauge to drop one full bar when the battery is hot. Dropping a bar could make significant difference in charging speed. When the battery is really hot even a short rest can improve charging speed.

The 2018 Leaf has enough range that you should have plenty of options on where to stop. Your rest stop doesn't even need to be very close to the charging station as long as you keep your speed down between the rest stop and the charging station so that heat doesn't build back up. If speed is so important to you that you can't take a rest stop then maybe you need to traveling by plane, not by car.

Isn't enjoying and celebrating life what owning an electric vehicle is all about anyway? Stop and smell the roses.

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