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Reading SOC from a parked, unplugged car

Mon Jul 02, 2018 2:09 am

I'm trying to read the SOC from the car while its parked and unused as part of my home automation project. I'd appreciate any help I could get at this point.

I have a Raspberry Pi (the carport security camera) talking to the ODB2 port via bluetooth, using the same adapter that works fine for LeafSpy.

From a python script, or from screen, I can talk directly to the ODB2 adapter. While the car is running I can:

atCF 55B <-- ask for SOC
ATCM 7FF <-- skip the rest
atma <- monitor output

and then see the output. I will see something like:

55B D8 40 55 00 DA 80 13 A9

Which tells me the SOC (86.5 real not dash).

But this only works if the car is ON which is not terribly useful. If the car is off I can still talk to the ODB2 adapter, but no monitored data ever shows up.

How can I get this information while the car is shut off and parked? Can I wake up the cars computers somehow to see the charge level?

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