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Re: Can the passenger front window be converted to AUTO up/d

Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:38 pm

Here's an interesting post I found: Fiero Power Window Switch Upgrade

For this upgrade, the writer obtained a "one-touch module" from a 95-98 Camaro, and wired that to an existing switch. Unfortunately, it's a little light on details. While the add-on modules I mentioned above are meant to be used with simple up-down switches (they change the behavior so that a momentary push makes it go all the way up/down, and to stop part-way you need to tap it a second time), I'm not sure how this module would work with a regular switch. Does anybody have (or did have) a 95-98 Camaro, and can tell us if it worked that way, or had the dual position switch like the Leaf's driver side window switch (push slightly for normal use, push further for one-touch)?

Also, I would have liked to have seen a "before-installation" schematic of the Fiero's window switch, so I can see exactly how the module was inserted.

Anyhow, this shows us another possibility of how this mod could be made.
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Re: Can the passenger front window be converted to AUTO up/down?

Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:43 am

you need to download the FSM to a Maxima and the Leaf.

we know the maxi ma switches have Auto on both driver and passenger buttons on the driver side switch and has auto on the passenger side switch.

so would need to buy both switches off ebay (junk yard seller), probably about 40 bucks for both.

then you have to compare the FSM and run the wires our leaf harness doesn't have.

i would start that research first before hacking some aftermarket stuff on because the maxima buttons are OEM and mount in the leaf and they are lighted A symbol buttons.


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