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Leather Seat Ugrade

Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:41 pm

I have a good friend that has an upholstery shop, and yesterday he offered to recover my seats in leather if I did a brake job on his van.
I just did his brakes because that's what friends are for, but he's a little nervous about the air bags in the seats on my Leaf. (He didn't realize they were there when he offered.)
Is it a bad idea to recover these? I've read that using a certain type of thread can allow the air bag to rip the seam, but it is a liability issue for him. Maybe I should settle for future work on one of my garage queens or my pickup.
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Re: Leather Seat Ugrade

Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:17 pm

Dealers sending out cars to be upgraded to leather upholstery is not that unusual, so there are shops that know how to deal with them. It probably doesn't happen as much anymore since today you can get just about any car (other the cheapest econobox) with leather/faux leather upholstery as an option if not standard, such as my eGolf

I've got a feeling your friend is trying to back out of the deal and using the airbag as an excuse. If he's in the auto upholstery business, he should know that seat-mounted side airbags have been common in cars for a few years now. If you've already done the work, find something else he's willing to do AND make sure he knows what he's getting into before agreeing to it.

Leather was not a factory option on the Leaf prior to MY 2013 but I do know a few people here upgraded their seats to leather.
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