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Re: Easy Climate Control Fan-Only Solution - 5 cents, 5 mins

Sat Dec 29, 2018 9:43 pm

BetterLeaf wrote:The Nissan Leaf's climate control unit does not allow you to run the fan or switch to window defrost/defog mode without automatically turning on the battery draining heater.
In humid or cool weather it is desirable to run the fan at a low setting to keep the windows clear.

Here are three different alternative methods to allow you to run in fan-only mode.

All of the variants below rely on the same underlying principle:
They trick the climate control module into thinking that the heater fluid is already heated up to around 160F (70C). So it no longer turns on the PTC heater. No energy is wasted when running the fan or switching to defrost mode. The rest of the system will continue to operate normally.

Method 1: No heater switch.
Pros: Super easy, 5 cents, 5 mins, no tools or experience required, fully reversible
Cons: Heater remains always off.

Method 2: Separate Switch for Heater.
Pros: 20 to 50 mins, screw driver, no soldering required
Cons: Wire taps, location for separate switch required, pre-heating requires switch in off position

Method 3: A/C switch also controls heater.
Pros: No visible changes, no wire taps, no additional switch.
Cons: 50 to 90 mins, soldering required.

If you decide to implement one of these methods you are doing so at your own risk!

Best method yet!!! sometimes we need little heating to ocour!
Method 4: Separate (Switch AND/ OR no switch ) 1K-oom Potensiometer aka "resistor trimmer" for Heater.
Pros: 20 to 50 mins, screw driver, soldering required, You can regulate exatly Heater POWER consumption!
workind with ohters first GEN elektric cars mudels too, like iMiev, iOn, ZOE!
Cons: Wire taps, location for trimmer resistor required, pre-heating requires trimmer position hole in dash somwhere

You need lower water temperatuure, it helpful, slower water cooling will accour, and less energy needed for heating, and less power wasted, in fron of the car, where no tubes are isolated:



Nissan LEAF heats water to 70*C and this is uses to mutch bateery energy, 5KWh!
when I turn added trimmer (POTE) to half, then I dont let water heat to 70*C, but letting water temperatuure only rise to 55....60*C, even 60*C car is worm and I loose only 10km with 100km, if outside temperature below 0*C
Lower temperatuure - lower heat lost! lower temp even 5% - gives 20% less heating energy vasted!
I gained allready more than half heating power over 100km, holding heating power below 1,5kW, but car inside temperatuure is normal like 15*C in winter.
even no ON/OFFf button not needed enaymore, I can turn trimmer putton to 0 position, and heating power allways 0.

I even put addional relay, for pre heating from android nisan APP for preheating, then car heats in full power with app and when charging cable is on. This additional relay (R) is not needed in warmer climate! Relay for most robust and for faster preheating.



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