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Re: Making an all-wheel drive "sleeper" LEAF

Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:31 am

TonyWilliams wrote:
JohnOver wrote:
TonyWilliams wrote:My Baja buggy concept just puts the LEAF drivetrain on the rear. I need more batteries, not more power.

I'd love to hear more Tony... Are you thinking of the LEAF as the platform, or a modified VW beetle?

No, it would be a tube chassis. Nothing VW or Nissan there.

OMG! Awesome! Love the suspension. That looks like a nice sand rail.

Are you going to be mating an electric motor to that transaxle?
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Re: Making an all-wheel drive "sleeper" LEAF

Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:43 am

EVDRIVER wrote:It would be easier to buy a different EV if you want more power. <snip>

Then it wouldn't be a sleeper. The Leaf kinda already is so it makes it a good candidate for enhancement IMO.

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Re: Making an all-wheel drive "sleeper" LEAF

Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:25 pm

I am parting out a 2011 LEAF, We have 5 wrecked LEAFS, and if anybody wants parts let me know.

we do not have front end parts, if you EV' builders want a complete drive train , we have it.

here are photos

more photos here and also contact info

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Re: Making an all-wheel drive "sleeper" LEAF

Sun Dec 16, 2012 5:09 pm

EVDRIVER wrote:It would be easier to buy a different EV if you want more power. The amount of time and money involved to execute this properly would be silly for the return. Just mod the inverter and put more power to the motor. Regardless the pack is not cooled to handle large kw draws. Adding motors to the LEAF is a bad idea. Why put a bunch of money in a EV to give it more performance when it is designed as an econobox. Just buy a performance EV and end up at the same cost in the long run.

It seems modding the inverter would be the most logical choice, but does anyone know how much more input power the motor will handle?

Secondly, it seems some of the electric cars with more powerful motors really arent that much quicker when you factor in the extra weight of their batteries, chassis, etc. The ActiveE is a good point. Makes much more horsepower, but is probably only a second quicker 0-60mph. I am going to do some testing on my LEAF to see what the instrumented acceleration numbers actually are. Most magazines put it in the 9.4-9.7 second range.

Apparently the car is pretty quick up to 30mph and then seems to run out of steam at that point. Not sure why this is a characteristic of electric have so much more bottom end than top end. Would a transmission/gears actually help, or not make a difference?

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