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EVgo at South Lake Tahoe

Fri Nov 03, 2017 4:06 pm

It appears that two EVgo stations are active at the Raley's Supermarket location in the City of South Lake Tahoe.
They are at the "Y". 1040 Emerald Bay Road.
At the intersection of Lake Tahoe Blvd and Emerald Bay Road/Highway 50.
FWIW the Strawberry Ca location on H50 is still not active and has much more needing to be accomplished.
Pollock Pines and Placerville EVgo locations are active. But the Placerville location has had a problem for over a week now.
The 2 stations there show" Error 150 RFID Card Reader". This was reported twice that I know of.
I left a message for the Plugshare app people to verify the SLT stations.

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