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Re: Right to charge in public lots

Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:42 pm

Rights? No, it would be private property and the operators of said property get to make the rules.

In theory, one could argue that all parking should be first come, first served and physicians shouldn't get special parking spots. But the fact of the matter is that the physicians will have clout with the business (Kaiser) and therefore with the building's parking operation. So yes, they will get special spots. It is possible they pay extra for those spots but unlikely. Kaiser might pay extra so the physicians can have those spots - usually when tenants want reserved parking, the lot charges more for that. Whether that is paid by Kaiser or the physicians is between those two groups.

As for the chargers, they are probably there at the request of the physicians, again for their convenience, not yours. Again, they may have paid for them, but also unlikely. It is more likely that Kaiser is the one paying for them as a fringe benefit to keep the physicians happy.

I used to work at a hospital. When the physicians started getting their Teslas, they requested charging stations be added to the physician parking area. Me and my Leaf were out of luck. This despite the fact that the Tesla had lots of range so they didn't need the charging and I could have really used the charging a couple times. But need or benefit was irrelevant. What mattered was what the physicians wanted, they got. So the hospital spent money so the physicians could get free, unneeded charging of their Teslas. Anyone else was out of luck.
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Re: Right to charge in public lots

Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:49 am

Seems a nice Clipper creek unit would be a nice addition in an area that others could charge. You know, equal access and all. Free electrons doesn't always work it seems.

Our workplace just doubled our free Chargepoints from 3 to 6 units/spaces. People still ICE the spots. EVs still overstay their charge and take the space all day. No enforcement of our OR law that is a $250 penalty to do such things. (shakes head)

Sometimes people are just wankers.
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Re: Right to charge in public lots

Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:03 am

Reserved parking for doctors is a little more than just a perk. If a doc is rushing in for an emergency procedure, you don't want him hunting around for a space...of course that doesn't mean it isn't a perk for the bulk of the them the rest of the time. Nor does it mean they don't get plenty of other perks...like at work charging.
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